Meet Lori De Carlo Thurston


As an excited graduating 17-year-old, who had dreams of being a hairstylist, the surprise and shunned reactions to my choice in career path was devastating. Although it hurt, it didn’t derail me from my dreams. What it did do was light a fire in my belly, an intrinsic grit to rise to every precious client.  I promised my young self that very day that I would work so hard and be so dedicated to our craft that I would be a small contributor of changing the apparent persona of our industry.

It was actually a gift, an internal drive of growth that has never left me.

Fast forward a few solid career is underway and I had arrived [ define this]. I was proud and thrilled with what my hard work and vision had created.  

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Like many, my family is my everything. This wonderful day was our wedding as we combined all that I love. This man, Matt has taught me so much about kindness and love.

The blessing of our re-meeting 40 years later was God's divine intervention. My amazing kids and grandchildren along with a spectacular daughter and son-in-law completes our circle. We live close, play on the weekends, cook and pray together. Games, bbq's, boating and camping fill our free time. Matt and I welcome any and all extra time with our grandkids as well as enjoy our home. We are rich in love and family.

I loved my career behind the chair in my salon, but as many women do, I gladly gave myself away somehow and lost myself to it all.

With the reality that I had a short few years left to be an intimate part of not only everyday life with these amazing teenagers I was raising, I was running them to every soccer or baseball event that would help grow them towards their dreams of playing at the D1 level.

All while, running a salon of 15 stylists as well as the education director, and my own personal clientele fully booked. Keeping up with my family home, continuing to educate myself and hopefully still have some friendships intact once this season has retired, it was more than full time. No time for me to even look in the mirror and see the changes in my health, skin and weight.

At the age of 48 I was 100 pounds overweight and with the reality of diagnosis and medication that was just a sneeze away.

I had to do something. My luck was going to run out.  So, I called my daughter, an Arbonne consultant, and admitted that I needed help!

And that’s what I got...oh and so much more! I found not only the product to be beyond stellar and part of my initial weight loss and a sustained healthy weight. But, my overall health, skin, and energy were changed DRAMATICALLY!

Could it be?? I'd struggled for years with my weight, and with Arbonne, I finally got healthy.

I was sold and never looked back…..  Arbonne was a perfect fit for me. I spent my days supporting women in feeling beautiful on the outside, and Arbonne was all about supporting beauty and health from inside.


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