Lori De CarloAfter spending 30+ happy years in the business and making over 6-figures a year, I decided to write a book of lessons, standards, and communication skills so that other stylists can have a successful career doing what they love.

The lessons in Brilliance Behind the Chair are timeless and emphasize service and growth. It’s imperative that this message gets out to our industry.

To reshape a stale or burned-out artist, a young bright-eyed new stylist, or an eager self-developed hairdresser in need of more tools in their arsenal to serve their clients and grow their business. Service is what really matters and it's what we GET to do every day.

We are blessed to touch our clients in so many special ways. To give them our community with open arms, as we design the perfect finish that’s just for them. This process has humbled me to my core. I’m proud of this book and pray that it can help inspire where it's needed.

Coming Soon: Brilliance Behind the Chair

Whether you’re straight out of school, a seasoned stylist or somewhere in between, there’s always room for growth, for change and tools to raise you to the next level. We must have a servant's heart, understand the joy we are to our guests, as well as the gifts we can give to every one of them who grace our chair.

Learn to build a solid and filled appointment schedule, be so competent that you earn the right to raise your prices and build a business around your life while having joy in your craft, time freedom to create a schedule that works for you and your family!

Included in this read:

  • Understanding your Why
  • Learning to read each client’s learning modalities for optimal consultations and to improve retail sales
  • Structuring a schedule that best fits you and your family
  • Tools for a  better team environment and skills for conflict resolution
  • 10 steps to great preparation and practices every hairstylist should know and implement
  • Raising mindset and personal development
  • Finding or re-finding your passion for the art of hairdressing

When it's available, you can also download a Brilliance Behind the Chair FREE WORKBOOK to assess and evaluate where you currently are, where you're going and how you're going to get there.

Plus: many links to great training, programs, and ideas to grow yourself, your skillset, and your business.