Own Your Morning

We have so many choices……….it’s the great gift of life. And, I feel your beginning can affect your entire day.

You can either lead or be led. We all have so many directions and responsibilities pulling us and others expectations looming on our sunshine.

When we are intentional about our precious rising, we build our day on a solid foundation. One where we have a platform of self-care and attainable goals, instead of a foundation of sand where a little wind and your house is sliding.

Why Start Strong?

Why? Because we own our agenda, we have clarity about the results we are looking for, who we want to be and how we choose to serve.

As we climb the ladder of “adulting” we tend to give away so much of our selves out of a belief built in that caring for others more and giving away our best selves is how we show love and commitment, even worthiness.  I’m not really sure how these selfless acts became so popular and equated to “such a good Mom” or “she’ll do anything for anyone,” but it’s all bulls$!&!!

I like to think about life in metaphors. I’ve been saying this for years behind the chair as I watch awesome people slip away to others’ judgment and expectations. When we are on a plane and the flight attendant is giving us the low down on rules and policies, she mentions if the cabin pressure drops the oxygen masks will be released. If you’re sitting with a small child, please place yours on first before assisting in helping them. BAM! Could it be any clearer? You are not of service to help others if you’re not breathing yourself!

Taking a little selfish time in the morning to quietly have a cup of tea or coffee, read a piece of scripture or soulful words, write in a journal or planner listing your dreams, your expectations and envisioning goals that are important to you is not SELFISH!

It’s imperative and down right kind. Before the time parasites of email, kids needs, partners “ask’s” and the awesome world we call life takes your hand, you have filled your cup, become present to your decisions. Getting in work out or meditating, loving on yourself is one of the greatest models we can mirror to our children.  

Love yourself, put on your oxygen and for Pete sakes, OWN YOUR DAY!